☆☆☆☆☆ Stardust – a jubilee album by Zoul

Well, the fiftieth album on our label is a reason for us to celebrate. We picked an album that has been mostly completed over three years ago, but never was released because it just wasn’t the right time yet – until now!
Zoul’s “Stardust” album not only sums up for us the period of time the most of the last 50 albums have been released in, but also has just the right feeling to it, making it a brilliant choice for a jubilee edition.
An intoxicated trip album  that feels like the after-party of a manic celebration. Just right for this occasion.

And since the sound is jubilee we also wanted jubilee artwork. That means the CD comes in a jubilee pouch filled with Zoul jubilee pills and extras and a gorgeous booklet with an illustration to each song. Jubilee. Jubilee. Jubilee.


Stardust by Zoul

Econore’s jubilee release: Zoul – Stardust

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