Folks! Thanks for showing up at the TG Gondard / Bear Bones, Lay Low concert!!

Both artist sure blew our minds and brought a fresh breeze for the winter season. We asure you that there will be more concerts and events and hope that it will be as rememberable as the last one. Maybe next time a scrrening of some sort? We’ll see…
Who unfortunately missed the last evening with us, here are  some impressions.

#ListenToNoise / Sticker

We treated ourself with a new sticker. This has always been a thing on the To-do list. This time though, we had something to print anyway for our upcoming 50th release, we decided to add these stickers to the job.
It was quite a spontaneous decision so this layout just made it. Any time sooner or later and we could have come up with something else, but anyway, we hope you like it – every order from our shop will receive one, or you can find them on concerts and some record stores.

Can you find our new sticker? (Hint: it says #ListenToNoise on it)

#listentonoise sticker