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Ramco: “Bye Bye Econore”

This is a tough one. Between December 2007 and April 2008 Jul and I met for an experiment: To record something we had never played before – sessions, that eventually became the first Zoul record “Vow”. After one such session, we sat in the old couches in the dim rehearsal Bunker in Mönchengladbach, and without a better idea how to publish what we were holding in our hands, Jul and I decided to found our own label. Looking back I have never anticipated that this side project would grow to be what Econore is today – over 200 releases, prints and magazines, countless concerts, a festival and exhibitions. I anticipated even less to which diverse places the label would guide me, nor the amazing people I would meet because of it.
Thirteen years later, I still can only imagine to where Econore is bound to go. Opportunities I wouldn’t have dared to imagine just a few years ago became or will soon become reality under the Econore label.
But for a while now, I am carrying something with me that is hard to do from within the label. I more and more feel the urge to go back and experiment again on a blank canvas. This is the reason why I am leaving Econore today.
Jul and I will be as close as before. But from now on our creativity will work differently together. It’s hard to describe, much harder to foresee what this will yield. Surely, in parts it feels to me like a stupid undertaking to leave what I love and the great people that make the label. But this is an experiment as much as our first sessions. And I am loving it already.

Jul: “Bye Bye Ramco”

I believe in the magic of trying out new things, this is what we have always pursued and it’s unreal where these experiments and try-outs have led us. I know what we have achieved together and at the same time I know where Ramco wants to go back to. This makes totally sense to me. And I’m pretty sure that change doesn’t mean the end. Of course it feels weird, but so are we, so let’s just do what feels right for us right now.

To celebrate this, we’re dropping the water bomb with release number 200, the latest album of our longtime project Zoul, the one that always brings us back together and the reason why we‘ve started what you know as Econore. Grab your copy here and please make sure to check out Ramco’s brandnew website and please follow what he’s up to in this highly unpredictable future: