Today is a day to celebrate. You may ask why: Well, of course not because it’s the dawn of the new season of Karneval in the Rhineland. Neither the date is so funny – that was three years ago.
I tell you why, because we release today three of the finest releases we have seen on our label so far and all make their label debut as well.


eco_068: HELGE MEYER

eco_068 Helge Meyer

Beginning with Hamburg-based musician Helge Meyer who puts together an astonishing well-crafted blend of everything we usually have on the shelf and presents it as ear-piercing spikes on a harsh noise wall. And because a bird never flew on one wing we have two 12 minutes infernos cramped onto a cassette with eye-piercing artwork.

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eco_069: RAUNE

eco_069: Raune cover artwork

When all new artist today make their debut in the sense of being for the first time released under our label, then this is a double debut.
Raune‘s first release ever is a breathtaking collage of a wide span of sound sources and material. A thought-out composition of elements that instantly catches your attention and drags the listener in its intense atmosphere.
The work is excellently mixed and mastered by Christoph Bartelt (producer of of i.e. KadavarNoemMesserHerpes and Solemn League) and in a beautiful artwork by Niklaas Warda.

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eco_070: MARK DICKER – Livestock

eco_070: Mark Dicker – Livestock cover artwork

The third in the team is the brilliant Mark Dicker, member of London two-bass heavy band Palehorse and one of the last bands to record a Peel Session aka Trencher. He takes us to a stroll through the abattoir with five improvisations of raw, saw toothy sound and ingenious improvisational skills on “unsophisticated sound generators”.

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These are three very impressive releases, you should really check them out – no hidden carnival stings and stale jokes…promised.


If this isn’t a day to celebrate…