eco_004: NO MUSIC FOR JULIA – No Music For Julia

Strange piece here. Lives somewhere in the Rhythmic Noise section and somewhere in the Weird Synth-Pop section.
One side comes as a conglomerate of missunderstood 80s/90s-aesthetics with colored springles and over-proud marching beats plus History Channel, while the other side of the tape feels like when you have a stressful job exactly that day when you are so weak that the only thing you  hear is the hushed sounds of your strained heart and the only thing you see is the blinding pale neon rays that reach your fever-bright eyes from the ceilling lighting.

Also suitable for tooth fetishists!

Btw. this release has a mini-site here:

NO MUSIC FOR JULIA – No Music For Julia the Package

Bassdrum driven cassingle with obscure bedroom recordings and kitchen sounds.