eco_006: MATTIAS FRISK – Död I Väntan På Liv

Mattias Frisk completes with this album his triology with the predecessors “En dag i väntan på livet” and “Ett liv i väntan på döden”.

The very detailed work has influences by ambient music, spoken word, harsh noise, sampling and folkesque sounds. He diggs deep into all kinds of genres to pick out single atoms that form a complete new soundscape.

Mattias Frisk is a Swedish artist from Mjölby who is also known for playing in groups like Ceremonial ExecutionThe Jam SessionManhuntrVanhelgd. He runs the Mjölby Porslinsravsmuseum, a museum dedicated to all kinds of porcelain foxes.

Don't be fooled by the birdie! Highly detailed Harsh Noise / Drones / You-name-it monster.