eco_016: THE KINETIC CRASH COOPERATION – Parts Of The Beautiful Losers

Test: Name one connection between The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, The Jam Session and Trencher…
Right! They all did a split release with The Kinetic Crash Cooperation. If you knew that, you’re quite a fan of the Kinetic guys, aren’t you? And you think you’ve heard it all, right? Well…WRONG!!

Circa 5 years after The Kinetic Crash Cooperation disbanded we present you an album of never before released songs. Amazingly fresh and modern Grindcore-Hardcore-Noise-Rock-Melange that brings its own handcrafted case and is ready blow your speakers!

Spaced out and chaotic cybergrind with steadily dissonant guitars & unresting song structures, embedded in a warm and analogue sound. Comes in a handmade, wooden box including info sheet and sticker.