eco_025: U.S. GIRLS – Lunar Life

View over Lo-Fi beach at night, French kisses and red wine – Megan Remy is living the Lunar Life.


Megan Remy, glamourous member of the vivid Philadelphia’s noise-pop scene, presents a hidden masterpiece of her work with odd drum machine sounds and ethereal vocals with waves of distortion and  4-track noise. Along with the tape comes an Econore exclusive 24-pages art zine of collages by her.

eco_025.1: U.S. Girls – Lunar Life (Euro Tour Edition)

Lunar Life (Euro Tour Edition)

If you are lucky, you grab one of the even more limited Euro Tour Editions available on her 2011 tour with Slim Twig (Release show: 23th of November, 2011, Magasin 4, Brussels, Belgium).

U.S. Girls was voted in the “Size Matters Top 10” 2009 by The Wire magazine.

Lo-fi noise pop par excellence. Megan Remy's unknown masterpiece comes with a beautiful xeroxed zine containing a bunch of her distinctive collages.