eco_030: OLIVER BARRETT – Yowls

Amazing solo work by London-based musician Oliver Barrett. These dark and enticing cello drones were recorded in different places in London to achieve a ever different but always natural reverb. The project is not only about to get to the bottom of what is possible to do with the cello, but also how these findings re-act/inter-act with different settings and reverb situations.

Record locations by song:

  • Cordyceps: At Oliver Barretts home in Hackney, London
  • Tussle: Christ Church, Sutton – in the chancel (map)
  • Yeboah: Christ Church, Sutton – in the main hall
  • Bathyscaphe: A warehouse in Bermondsey – in the big hall before it was divided into artist studios etc. to become V22 (map)
  • Beware Power Trucks: Same warehouse in Bermondsey

Cello experiments that play with different natural reverberation rooms in and around London. Avant-garde with a classical attitude.