eco_040: RUBÉN PATIÑO – Eleven European Movements / RAMCO – Beep (9990, 900000); – split

Beautiful split release by Barcelona-born Computer Music artist Rubén Patiño (aka Pato) and Econore-geezer Ramco.

Rubén Patiño presents exclusively the original track of his performance/installation for Limbus Europae Gallery (Berlin).
That’s how he describes his artwork:
It´s  a composition i prepared for limbus europae gallery in berlin in 2011.
It was a playback of 11 movements.
A very simple sort of fluxus attempt called Eleven European Movements.
Where it would be an empty room a  cd player and a cd and a p.a.
Audience would be encouraged to play the cd and leave the room after the piece was over in a concert situation but without performer.
Ramco’s second physical recording beep (9990, 900000); is also the first one to be released on cassette.
The abstract glitchy Computer Music pieces try to sound out how far the reception of sound and music can uncouple from its containing medium; either completely or in subtle parts to become part of the listeners surrounding.

Original track of performance at Limbus Europae Gallery in Berlin & glitchy songs on how to uncouple the music from its medium. Laser-engraved, transparent cassette comes in white cardboard sleeve.