eco_042: MONS MEG – Mons Meg

At first you get in a fight, but not that regular bar fight but of that way too pissed sort. You know, you’ll hardly smack ‘em more than two or three times, but hits won’t hurt you anyway in this condition so keep fighting. And tension is rising, and aggression is rising as much as the adrenaline in your blood.
And another smash and another kick. But you’re exhausted from staying conscious. But you won’t stop – nothing else to think about anyway.
Then, finally, it gets black around you, and you don’t know anything nor if they knocked you out or the intoxication.

The second trip though, is a completly different pill. Aggression is more latent this time and everything is more stressful and fast-paced. Your heart is racing, your mouth is dry and you cannot help that itching everywhere! And then a flashback…

The very first recordings of Mons Meg from NYC.

Oooh, that tension…Modular synths meet downtuned bass-guitar drones, partly garnished with a pulsating beat. Dubbed on grey hand-numbered cassettes.