eco_045: THE FLOWER OF THE 5 WOUNDS – [3]

A distinctive feeling for blending elements of genres such as Noise, Industrial, Ambient, Progressive Rock, Dub and Folk (no fear, not this stupid snivelling stuff) makes the amazing eclectic mixture that is The Flower of the 5 Wounds.
Even though very experimental in the detail and far away from traditional song structures, [3] never feels random or arbitrary. Instead the album manages to be very compact and well-proportioned with songs that easily catch your attention and know to enthral.
To complete this fine piece of music, every single album comes with a hand-painted fine-art cover made with indian ink.
Over. The. Top.


The Flower of the 5 Wounds are Brussels-based musicians Chris Farmer (Mueros, Nußbaum/Farmer) and Guillaume Le Boisselier (Hippy Death Suite)

eco_045: The Flower Of The 5 Wounds – [3] - Hand Painted Covers

Hand-painted covers made with indian ink.

Elaborated Noise / Dub / Industrial from Brussels, Belgium. No shit: Each comes with individual cover, hand-painted with indian ink.