eco_049: MICHAEL YIANNI – Michael Yianni

eco_049: MICHAEL YIANNI - Michael YianniNo algorithmic compositions that sound like elevator music or fake Mozart, instead: Michael Yianni dives deep into the waves of electronic processed sound. The tracks on this self-titled album come in three chapters of which each has a distinct approach to the sound and its creation. What they share though is the pureness of the analysis and the complexity of the algorithms behind their creation.
Nonetheless, the music of Michael Yianni doesn’t sound like computers talking to computers, but each track has such a very personal, yet intimate feeling to it, that you easily forget about the algorithmic composition approach. Actually, a strategy that successfully covers this work’s underlying complexity, and reason for what it makes it so appealing as each new spin reveals more of its nature.

Highly experimental algorithmic compositions by london-based artist Michael Yianni in a functional, yet elegant packaging.