eco_050: ZOUL – Stardust

The album rushes to your head and drags you into its own world of numbing warmth.
And when your body feels nicely anaesthetised and as the music sinks deeper and deeper into your consciousness Zoul takes you on a trip along the sweet memory lane.
Not a good idea in general, because not long and you will take a bitter turn into an alley that you would rather have forgotten.
But sorry, no way back. Take another dose of Stardust and kill your mind. Do it. No need for sanity, life is pointless. Cope with it. You are alone now.
Welcome to Zoul world.

Zoul presents an album like a devastating state of mind full of noxious depressive thoughts and enticing but harmful habits. The best way to celebrate Econore’s 50th record jubilee.
The special artwork of the jubilee edition features a shady pouch that contains the CD along with pills and further extras. The edition includes a gorgeous booklet with an illustration to each song.
Noise? Ambient? Abstract? Hypnagogic Pop? Who cares? – Music that doesn’t reach for your ears, but messes with your well-being.

Zoul - Stardust (3D)

Intoxicated trip album in a pouch filled with happy little snacks. This is the after-party. This is when the bad trip begins.