This album of Chemiefaserwerk pretty much feels like a ride through someone else’s brainwaves and the flood of emotions, happenings and associations and so on. Pretty cool, though – right? Why not take that shot? Don’t they say “Better living through Chemistry”?
Soon you find out, it’s your very own brainwaves that you’re riding.


“The tape is called Mytp. It is a second part of a cd-r i made for a concert in Hamburg in january 2014. This mini-edition was given away in total that evening. Here now is another piece like that.”Chemiefaserwerk

Two Cassettes of the MYTP album

Cassette Version


A thirty-eight minutes ride through the parallel cosmos of (ex-Berlin, but now) Marseille-based Chemiefaserwerk. Beautiful collage cover, shiny white cassettes in white cases.