eco_065: JEANS BEAST | JAVA DELLE – Cola-Cola Hypermarket

Jeans Beast and Java Delle on one cassette. Finally!

Jeans Beast goes way up with a space themed drone ‘n’ sample track. Beware! The vacuum may explode your head.
Java Delle then hits you back to the ground with a post-industrial, granular and abrasive noise-hammer – may make your head explode anyway.

This release was published together with Hamburg-based label TimTimTonträger. Here is what they say:

“We drink Cola Cola in the morning, we have a Cola Cola in the afternoon.
But we do not drink any Cola Cola in the evening.” – TimTimTonträger

eco_065 Jeans Beast - Java Delle - CocaCola Hypermarket Cassette

Hyper-caffeinated Drone 'n' Sample & Post-industrial Noise hammer split. Comes on a hand-sprayed cassette in yellow case.