eco_067: NUßBAUM / FARMER – Hallo, Sonnenschein!

Nußbaum / Farmer is a collaboration between Brussels-based musician Chris Farmer and Mönchengladbach-based author Philip Nußbaum.

The artists created a work of five movements that drew inspiration from five paintings by Heidrun Badgley. The lyrics by Nußbaum and the way they are recited by the author are sometimes painfully intimate, sometimes eerie, sometimes so solacing that it is tear-provoking and sometimes downright excruciating. This is all even emphasised by the brilliant music by Chris Farmer. The musician supports the moody lyrics by a variety of sounds that ranges from calming guitar motifs to dissolving digital noise. Unlike too many spoken-word releases, the music is not just a soundtrack that plays well together with the vocals and vice versa. But rather the vocals, thus Nußbaum’s lyrics, are an actual part of the music. They are gratefully manipulated and played with while influencing and conducting the music at the same time.

Along with the CD comes a beautiful booklet that contains all lyrics and the inspirational paintings arranged and photographed by Philip Nußbaum.

The work was previously showcased at Leerstand Eickener Straße 72, Mönchengladbach for Late Night Shopping in Eicken, 13th of June, 2014.

Outstanding international amalgam of lyrics and sound. Spoken-word at its best. CD comes with a 20 page full-colour booklet printed on heavy paper.