eco_069: RAUNE – Raune

This is the debut release by Raune (also a member of Noem) from Berlin, Germany.

The musical elements range from orchestral harsh noise walls to tape music and from drum solos to bit-crushed digital clatter. The two songs create an intensive and unforeseeable atmosphere that is skilfully composed. Raune‘s debut does not fail to catch and hold the listeners attention and to showcase his skills as a producer and musician.

The release is also notable for its excellent mixing and mastering by Christoph Bartelt (member of Kadavar, Noem / producer of i.e. Messer, Herpes and Solemn League) who adds to the atmospheric mood and also a distinct, beautiful artwork by Niklaas Warda.

RAUNE debuts with a brilliant sound and noise collage. Crowned by excellent mixing and mastering and a beautiful artwork.