eco_070: MARK DICKER – Livestock

Abrasive, energetic, sinewy improvisations by London-based Mark Dicker (Palehorse, Trencher). The work on Lifestock extends across a wide span of musical forms of expression in contrast to the minimal and edgy sound that defines these five pieces. Beneath Dicker’s obvious talent for ad hoc compositions, this mixture is what adds significantly to the individual appeal of these improvisations.

Mark Dicker about his work:

“These tracks were improvised and recorded live in the studio, using somewhat crude and unsophisticated sound generators. Only one or two overdubs were employed to flesh them out. When listening back to them, the raw, sawtoothy sound made me think of an abbatoir; hence the titles of the tracks and the name ‘Livestock’. The evil eye pictures, courtesy of Econore, complement the theme as they were a common site in the butcher’s shops and restaurants of Istanbul where I spent a fair chunk of my formative years, an incredibly visceral experience.”

A stroll through the abattoir under the sight of evil eyes. Five abrasive improvisations by Mark Dicker (Palehorse, Trencher).