eco_072: YORIHISA TAURA – Nocturne

This album by Tokyo-based Yorihisa Taura truly lives up to its title. Nocturne shines when the sun has set. Symphonic pieces of orchestrated melancholy, solemn grace, copious mysteriousness, tranquility and vibrant confidence.
Besides the room filling ambience and delicate composition of Yorihisa Taura‘s music on Nocturne the record takes a fairly surprising turn and reveals also the musicians prolific work as an harsh noise artist.

Artwork illustrated by Ai Komuro.


“[…] Listen to this when you only want to hear the essence of things, to feel a breath of ambiance that is warm and friendly like sunlight shining on your body. It’s relaxing and calming and certainly keeps the endorphins flowing if your mind could appreciate special moments stretched out as one big special moment. Pretty, pretty!” – via Yeah I Know It Sucks

Tranquil yet deeply moving ambient music from Tokyo with a startling hint of harsh noise.