a) wald.graben 18:15 Material: modular synthesizer, akai headrush e1 (as delay), boss sp 202 (room microphone, ring modulator), akai s 20, reel to reel (drums). Strictly composed in second and minute segments.


b) Strukurierte Improvisation (for Straw, Snare, Room Microphone and Modular Synthesizer) 14:26 Material: snare drum, jazz brushes, straw, boss sp 202 (room microphone, ring modulator, sample of sonore – live at café oto LP), akai s 20, modular synthesizer. Improvisation and Performance recorded live by Adrian Schmidt at kratz//trugschluss#sechs in Marburg.


Other Material: A series of recurrent dreams I had for about 10 years and their sudden end for wald.graben, a citation of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattaris Anti-Oedipus for the structured improvisation/performance.


daszwitscherndervoegel is a modular synth project by Eric Bauer from Marburg.
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Dark sharp dreams and performance documentation. A broad cosmos on a tape.