eco_086: Raune – II

Noise music provokes feelings and emotions other musical genres have a hard time to recreate.
Berlin-based Raune provokes feelings and emotions with his noise music, other noisers have a hard time to recreate.

Instead going for the obvious – mass destruction of sounds and ever harsher sonic bombs – Raune takes these same particles and goes through different stages of a build up that surely does not lack grain and tension, but eventually takes a turn that leaves you with harmony, ease, concinnity.
That is something that demands a certain level of adroitness from an noise artist – and with this release Raune exemplifies how it’s done.


Recording, mix, master: Tiger Bartelt – Planet Sick Studios

Risoprint & Artwork: Julian & Hendrik (Li-La-Laden)

eco_086 Raune – II (Cassette)

Gritty tapes and crushing effects form collages of outlandish harmony.