Econore X Museum Abteiberg – 20.06.2019 – SISTO ROSSI / OBERLIN / DAVID HANRATHS

MG_Artfriends invited us to curate concerts for their Jour Fixe series at Museum Abteiberg. This is what we came up with:


Sisto Rossi (c) Sisto RossiSisto is a well known face for about 15 years in the Noise underground and released numerous recordings on various labels mainly from the USA and the Ruhrgebiet. Constantly developing a sound that takes from HNW, Drone, Ambient and cut-up and building custom gear such as effects and synthesizers.



Oberlin (c) Alexander Holtz…ist the monicker of Koblenz-based Alexander Holtz. He creates his drones and Ambient sound from guitar, modular synthesizer and field-recordings. His records were published on various labels throughout Europe, his concerts however are a rare treat.



David Hanraths is a well-experienced musician from Mönchengladbach that has escaped the public eye until know. Build on computer-based sound-synthesis, microphone and electric guitar, he develops an atmospheric sound, harmonic and unsettling, coming equally from pseudo-randomness and direct interactions with the computer.


Start: 19:30
End: 21:30

Abteistraße 27
41061 Mönchengladbach

Free entry, yay!


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