Experimental Night #15 – DRAGON DU POITOU / PPAULUS & FRÈRE

Tue, 07.03.2019 at Projekt42 (Mönchengladbach)

DRAGON DU POITOU (Experimental / FR)
PPAULUS & FRÈRE (DIY Electronics / FR)

+ DJ-Set by Pawel Klatt

doors: 8pm
start: 9pm
admision: 5 EUR
address: Projekt42, Waldhausener Str. 42, 41061 Mönchengladbach NRW (map)




Somewhere between Gourbeyre and Paris Orly Airport, the six members of Dragon du Poitou spread a thick and powerful sound, dubbed live, and always within an opened
and immersive stage device. Playing both with temporalities and intensities, but always with a certain emergency, Dragon du Poitou takes French West Indian musics over and
shape them as a Glenn Branca piece, with a healthy dose of humour.




Audio signals, voltage peaks and cables as a bridge between PPaulus’s weird techno
and Frère’s experimental noise. Hailing from the techno/radio/improv label Travail Rythmique, PPaulus & Frère meet for an improvised electronic live set around DIY machines, infernal acoustic devices and obscure filtered records.
Also in the projects « Union Électrique », « PPaulus » and « Frère ».


Facebook-Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/355482605302648/


Econore Experimental Night #15

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