Hamburg Feature

The next batch of releases is in one way or another related to the german aurora borealis Hamburg. All of these are in connection with noise tourist Java Delle, a dear fellow of the Econore madmen and operator of TimTimTonTräger.

CD in Wire Mesh


The first one is the CD-R version of a rad tour tape featuring Hamburg residents Best Friend Machine and noise duo Wallraf/Delle. Comes in a handcrafted envelope made of wire and was only available at the shows of their tour. We don’t have any physical copies left, so please contact TTTT, maybe there’re some left…

Zoul / Java Delle - Split

ZOUL / JAVA DELLE Cover Artwork

Second one is a split CD-R of Zoul and Java Delle. Planned for a long time, it’s finally there… Zoul deliver their latest recording, this time more focussing on experimental guitar and sax sounds sweetened with tape collages. Java Delle comes up with noisy field recordings. That’s the deal!

Last one is a split release with TTTT that already came out in 2013 and only now finds its way to our catalogue. Again you have Java Delle messing around with self-recorded audio bits and Jeans Beast on the flipside with a space-themed drone piece. These tapes are also already gone, sorry for that.
But you can download every release in our shop, just click here!

Jeans Beast / Java Delle

JEANS BEAST / JAVA DELLE – CocaCola Hypermarket TAPE

Enjoy & expect more to come soon in case we get out of our summer sloth…