It’s all RAUNE

RauneRaune left a mark in our collective memory by his breathtaking performance at our Econore Noise Fest this year.
Being among one of his biggest fans ourself we dedicate the last hours of May and the dawn of June to this fellow Berliner.

 Beginning with his second release II – an example of what feel and emotions noise music is also capable to provoke besides the stale buzzes and tinkles.

As of now, the release is available in its digital form. The physical release will be first available at an intimate concert hosted and organised by Noiseberg. All infos on their homepage or on that Fbook.

But that’s not enough: Remember that collaboration of Raune & McCartney? Well, the title Aufnahme 1 (meaning Recording 1) already hinted to a intended series –  yep, you guessed it, the second part is coming very very soon 😉


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