It’s this thing again: Econore Compilation #5

If you’re the kind of person who needs some orderliness, who embraces and enjoys the recurring patterns in life then this is a big deal for you: The fifth iteration of our label’s free of charge, promo show off aka Econore Compilation #5.

I reckon the concept is clear by now: We pick some of our most beloved songs from the last 10 releases, add some previously unreleased salt to it and garnish it with a nice cover and – bam! – there you go.

This time on the menu:

  1. The Unspeakable Void of Doom – Untitled
  2. Weareallslaves – II
  3. Ayato & Anton Mobin – Elle & Moi
  4. Emped – Goldener Beton
  5. Pastor Tonal – Secondary Roads
  6. Edna X – H(e)aven
  7. Bear Bones, Lay Low – Live at Experimental Night
  8. Cottaging – Aqua Velva
  9. Buck Gooter – Consider the Grackles
  10. BLCKWVS – 0154 ND

As always and forever: Free for the masses, priceless for the kings. Click on ‘Buy’ and decide yourself what it’s worth…
And if you enjoyed the compilation show confidence, stick your thumbs up your armpits and be proud of yourself that you found it or better don’t be a prick and tell your friends and the world about it – deal?



You ask for ways to listen to the compilation? Well…