ladr ache – Autopsie d’un pneu Vinyl LP

Finally a really special release is ready to be shipped, this time a Vinyl LP of Ladr ache from Brussels. I’m super excited to announce it as the band has worked steadily on the covers and the recordings and it has been really worth the wait! When they came to perform in my home base for the last Experimental Night, plans were made to co-release it with the girls and Fougère Musique from France as I was totally stoked by their outstanding set. The covers are all handprinted with an old letterpress machine, they really look amazing! Make sure to grab a copy for a reasonable on our Bandcamp.

Coproduction Cheminée / Fougère musique / Econore 
Recorded in November 2019, Pic de La Garde (Auvergne, France) 
Recording & mix : Clément Vercelletto 
Mastering : Hervé De Kéroullas (DK Mastering) 
Creation & sleeve printing : ladr ache et Guillaume Crouzet, 
at l’Imprimerie-Charcuterie – St-Jean des Ollières (Auvergne)