So what the heck is this hashtag about?
What shall that mean ‘listen to noise’?
Who uses it?

#ListenToNoise isn’t just a demand for a certain genre, but it is what has become a lifestyle to us. We don’t mean a certain type of fashion, how you dress like or what hair-cut you have. It means a special state of mind. People who are curious of what lies beyond the so-called extremes. Folks who love to explore just a very tiny bit of a musical detail or who go for a cross-border trip around any genre you can think of. People who give a shit of what some other people think is “true” or “credible” or whatever.

It is meant for the director of underground movies who screens his film just before a powerviolence band as well as that guy who runs that zine shop with all that magazines your friends may never ever heard of. It’s for the day-time clerk who runs on stage with a blood-soaked sex doll at night. It is for the judge who likes screaming into a chain of effect pedals sometimes as well as for the nurse who circuit bends some old casio synths on the weekend.
It’s just free for everyone to use who likes listening to HNW music, who makes offside art or who loves experimental projects that involve liquids that I cannot mention here. It’s for everyone to show what they love – because we all #ListenToNoise !!


Signed by Econore
#ListenToNoise • 06/11/2013