MEGA RICK – “Untitles” (Action Pack)

Mega Rick U#1-15 ani gifWhoooaaaa feeling creative?

Well electronic cholesterol music artist Mega Rick once did…and we just dug out from the deepest corners of our hard drives the whole collection of the so called Untitles series.
Those are short song sketches, briefly made and once partly published from 2010 to 2012 on the long ago defunct Mega Rick blog. The purpose of those 15 songs – if you want to call them like that anyway – was i.e. to experiment new techniques in song writing, trying out music software or finding solutions for possible song bridges etc.

But what do you do with songs that weren’t born to be songs?

Though these sounds were definitely not intended for a regular release their rough and unpolished feeling is what just caught us even after all this time.
But what do you do with songs that weren’t born to be songs? And much less songs to be released as an album or EP? Well, we decided to think along similar lines as what the original intention of these sound experiments was and open up these works for everyone to be creative with them and to create something new out of it.

CC-BY-SA 4.0

The 15 Untitles are now shared to you under a creative commons license (CC-BY-SA). Enjoy them as they are – fair it is. But we would love to see something new created out of it!

“Call for works”

So if you bring something into existence please drop us a line with a link to your creation at

Have fun!

Mega Rick Untitles Folder

Click to download the MEGA RICK “Untitles” Action Pack …and be creative! (zip/34MB)