New MICHAEL YIANNI out now on Econore

eco_049: MICHAEL YIANNI - Michael YianniThe new Michael Yianni album is out now on Econore. A study in music and sound that comes in three parts themed around algorithmic composition. Michael Yianni‘s music differs from a very dry, synthetical to an artificial-organic sound and is the result of a complex algorithmic composition approach. But even though the ten songs all share the same underlying nature of an understanding to produce sound that is clearly leaning towards science, Yianni’s brilliance lies in his ability to express his personality through these musical formulas. Thus, the album is not only a stupendous display of algorithmic composition, but also a very personal, yet intimate document – an artist’s self-portrait.

Michael Yianni is a London-based sound artist and musician who works in the fields of algorithmic composition and experimental music.

The self-titled album by Michael Yianni is out now. Even more informations about the release can be found here.