ladr ache – Autopsie d’un pneu Vinyl LP

Finally a really special release is ready to be shipped, this time a Vinyl LP of Ladr ache from Brussels. I’m super excited to announce it as the band has worked steadily on the covers and the recordings and it has been really worth the wait! When they came to perform in my home base…

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Ramco: “Bye Bye Econore” This is a tough one. Between December 2007 and April 2008 Jul and I met for an experiment: To record something we had never played before – sessions, that eventually became the first Zoul record “Vow”. After one such session, we sat in the old couches in the dim rehearsal Bunker…

TRÄUME – Soundtrack on tape for the Chinese science fiction literature magazine Kapsel

Kapsel - Träume cover art shows the word KAPSEL in brackets over a blue oval half over a green square on the left and a green oval half over a blue square directly next to each other

Kapsel, the magazine for Chinese science fiction literature, proudly presents “Träume”. This very special issue contains four positive visions of the future by the renowned Science fiction writers Baoshu, Anja Kümmel, Tim Holland and Anna Wu. Two exciting new musical artists have produced a soundtrack for two of the works. Berlin based psychedelic rock band…

ANNA OTTA – “What if” is out

Cologne-Madrid-based duo ANNA OTTA release their debut on tape with us. An astonishing piece of improvastion based on the manipulation of their voices. Check it out on Bandcamp:

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since last time: Gruppe Ralf Forster by Carsten Vollmer Live at home by Terrine DAF #4 – Zine Compilation by Econore Dead Centipedes by Paul Flaherty, Randall Colbourne, James Chumley Hunt A Past Yet To Come by Daniel Craig

Releases from the festival

new econore releases after festival 2019

Econore Noise Fest 2019 was a blast! many thanks to all the artists, helpers and visitors!! We’ll post the first live pics and impressions on the festival site pretty soon. Like every year, we have released a compilation and a couple of new cassette and cd-rs on that evening. Two new series to be precise. One…