WILDFLOWERS – An experimental night for Nachtaktiv MG – 26.05.2018

Wildflowers We revive the long abandoned flower shop at the Rheydt main station (map) for Nachtaktiv MG 26.05.2018. A variety of experimental musicians will play throughout the night. On top we have live-sculpturing and an audio magazine podcast.   6:00pm – 6.30pm PHILIPP BÜCKLE (Modular Synth/Noise) 6:30pm – 7.00pm COXNOX (WeirdoNoiseRock) 7:00pm – 7:30pm MENARD…

Neww Releeeaseeees twwo thouuuusand eighteeen

econore new q2018

  Vintimille ++ Eric B. & Kamil ++ Omen ++ Dream Machine ++ Jeans Beast & Licht-ung ++ Licht-ung (solo) ++ A compilation hurray! with Sarumatakemitsuko, Licht-ung (again), Marble Sheep, Tomoyuki Aoki, Tekeyari Shunta ++ Me Donner ++ An artist that doesn’t exist and has no hyperlink just to piss you off ++ Voyage Data ++…

🔊🔊🔊 Econore Noise Fest 2017 – 21.10.17 🔊🔊🔊


  LINEUP: LIMPE FUCHS • GUILI GUILI GOULAG • DSR LINES • OGON BATTO • ERIC BAUER // mural by KONSORTIUM 21.10.2017 / 19:00h MMIII Kunstverein Mönchengladbach e.V. Künkelstraße 125, 41063 Mönchengladbach, Germany supported by Kulturbüro MG MORE INFO HERE

Listen up: Vinyl by Gabriel Hibert

ENG: “The third album of Gabriel Hibert (musician, composer and performer) will be released as vinyl on 15th October by the labels Tandori, Permafrost, Who’s brain, Econore, Cheap Satanism, KdB and as digital version by Atypeek Music. It contains 9 explosive titles mysteriously built in a style of unknown origin. The artistic journey of this…