Econore Podcast #8 is out

New Podcast Episode. Econore Podcast #8 with Raune Zoul Mark Dicker Mega Rick Michael Yianni Best Friend Machine Chemiefaserwerk Helge Meyer Occult Bellevue Hatred Tasuketekun Weareallslaves Orifice Tagar Carsten Vollmer Zoul Heidi Hörsturz Rumpeln Killer   Listen / Subscribe


eco_074 - Grief (Noise Compilation)


GRIEF noise compilation is up for pre-order now

After quite a break: GRIEF (eco_074) noise compilation with: HATRED / TASUKETEKUN / WEAREALLSLAVES / ORIFICE / TAGAR / CARSTEN VOLLMER / ZOUL / HEIDI HÖRSTURZ / RUMPELN / KILLER click to pre-order* now  (pre-order ended) * 2€ discount, yippiee. pre-order ends 28/09/2015

Grief We are back Grief We aren’t over yet Grief because there is more to come

Experimental Night #7 with Suzuki Junzo and Sisto Rossi

Update:Thanks everyone for joining us to a great concert and crazy night. We are pretty busy right now to bring you a whole stack of new records soon – Keep yourself updated on Twitter or Facebook!     Tue. 09th June, 2015 at Projekt42 (Mönchengladbach) Suzuki Junzo (Psychedelic / Experimental from Tokyo) Sisto Rossi (Collage / Tape Music…

Experimental Night #6 with Arma Agharta and Daniel Voigt

Experimental Night #6

Tue. 14th April, 2015 at Projekt42 (Mönchengladbach) ARMA AGHARTA (Experimental/Noise Lithuania) DANIEL VOIGT (Drone and Ambient, Tape Music from Frankfurt/M) + DJ-SET by Jeans Beast and Pawel doors: 9pm start: 10pm admision: 5 € address: Projekt42, Waldhausener Str. 40-42, 41061 Mönchengladbach (google maps)   info: ARMA AGHARTA Arma Agharta is one of the most active sound-performance artists and promoters…

Experimental Night #5 with CHRIS FARMER and DEATH TO FALSE TECHNO

Thu. 18th December, 2014 at Projekt42 (Mönchengladbach) CHRIS FARMER (Experimental and Drone from Brussels) DEATH TO FALSE TECHNO (Live Electronica from Mönchengladbach) + DJ-SET by Jeans Beast and Pawel doors: 9pm start: 10pm admision: 5 € address: Waldhausener Str. 40-42, 41061 Mönchengladbach (google maps)   info: CHRIS FARMER We are very happy to present you drone genius and…