Recently added: MOULDYARD and NUßBAUM/FARMER

It's this season again

To this time I’m writing – 5:52pm – it is almost pitch-dark outside; besides the fact it never gets really dark outside in Berlin. Anyhow, that means we are approaching the time of the year when one lingers more at home and is in urgent need for some good new music to clean off your eardrums…

Experimental Night #4 with HEADWAR and JAVA DELLE

Experimental Night 4 Diamond

Thu. 23th  October, 2014 at Projekt42 (Mönchengladbach) HEADWAR (Noiserock from Amiens, France) JAVA DELLE (Noise from Hamburg, Germany) + DJ-SET by Jeans Beast & Rakete doors: 9pm start: 10pm admision: 5 € address: Waldhausener Str. 40-42, 41061 Mönchengladbach (google maps)   info: HEADWAR Best noïse punk band from Amiens France, industrial percussive set up, tribal no wave, trance. Between me and you, Drunks…

MEGA RICK – “Untitles” (Action Pack)

Mega Rick Untitles Cover

Whoooaaaa feeling creative? Well electronic cholesterol music artist Mega Rick once did…and we just dug out from the deepest corners of our hard drives the whole collection of the so called Untitles series. Those are short song sketches, briefly made and once partly published from 2010 to 2012 on the long ago defunct Mega Rick blog. The purpose…

Come around…Some dates to mark down in August

If you happen to live in or close to Berlin, Mönchengladbach or London and fancy a good night out from time to time then here are some dates to mark down in your calendar: BERLIN – 08th Aug. 2014, 10pm PATO / HOLSM / MFK aka Rubén Patiño, Morton Jay and Koen Nutters will make you move with…

Hamburg Feature

Stylised coat of arms of Hamburg

The next batch of releases is in one way or another related to the german aurora borealis Hamburg. All of these are in connection with noise tourist Java Delle, a dear fellow of the Econore madmen and operator of TimTimTonTräger. The first one is the CD-R version of a rad tour tape featuring Hamburg residents Best…

Better living through… Chemiefaserwerk

Chemiefaserwerk - MYTP Cover

conspiratorial auspicious cozy tempting introvert analog chemical slow noise drones collage cut-up fantasia In other words: A thirty-eight minutes ride through the parallel cosmos of (ex-Berlin, but now) Marseille-based Chemiefaserwerk. That is what makes our newest record on the list! Actually, it pretty much feels like a ride through someone else’s brainwaves and the flood…

Peter James Taylor Orchestra live in Concert / 10.05.2014 #namg14

Peter James Taylor Orchestra for Nachtaktiv MG 2014

For the fifth culture night in Mönchengladbach composer Peter James Taylor (ex-Action Beat) from England will première a dedicated composition for 20 E-Guitars in an abandoned warehouse in Mönchengladbach-Eicken. Stylistically influenced by New York composers Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham and the like Taylors compositions are stunning, coherent polyphonic guitar walls of sound. He played with his guitar…

It’s this thing again: Econore Compilation #5

eco_061: Econore Compilation #5

If you’re the kind of person who needs some orderliness, who embraces and enjoys the recurring patterns in life then this is a big deal for you: The fifth iteration of our label’s free of charge, promo show off aka Econore Compilation #5. I reckon the concept is clear by now: We pick some of…

And then Weareallslaves

eco_060 - Weareallslaves - st II

Eco_60 is out and we are happy to introduce you to Weareallslaves: A one-man, Dark Ambient / Noise project of Filip Stojiljkovic from Belgrade, Serbia. We were mesmerized when we heard the first time what has now become our sixtieth release, because it’s really staggering what this man can do with his voice and little instrumentation….