Experimental Night #3

Experimental Night #3 Wæelder The Unspeakable Void of Doom DJ Marius Schafranietz — 06.02.2014 / 9pm / 5€ at Projekt42, Mönchengladbach

Good Morning 2014


Finally we’re back with a bunch of plans and releases. The last weeks were very demanding for us due to some really heavy personal issues. We had to put the label on ice for a while and we deeply apologize for letting the artists wait for their releases. Also people who ordered some stuff were…

Something different / The hangover days

Marathon stumble

Phew, we stumbled a bit on our release marathon and all that parties, cursed circuits, substances and all that booze…give me a break, I have a hangover. Now here is the cure: eco_053: PASTOR TONAL – Old Lovers Hate Each Other Awesome ambient noise that is just perfect for a sunday. eco_054: AYATO & ANTON…

The next marathon stage: Cursed circuits

Well, well, well – we’ve come pretty far and everything seems save and sound…until recently when our release marathon hit the next stage. Edna X started it all with her Gardenhell album. Every song is a piece of a bigger puzzle that is the album. But still: Isn’t it that the songs leave the impression…

Econore Compilation #4 is out

Econore Compilation #4 Flyer

…that’s right. We just crossed the 50th release mark and now it’s time for eco_51 that traditionally is every 10 new releases our label compilation! Don’t hesitate and download it for free. And please spread the word if you liked it!

☆☆☆☆☆ Stardust – a jubilee album by Zoul

Zoul - Stardust (Banner eco50)

Well, the fiftieth album on our label is a reason for us to celebrate. We picked an album that has been mostly completed over three years ago, but never was released because it just wasn’t the right time yet – until now! Zoul’s “Stardust” album not only sums up for us the period of time…

A noisy Marathon

Every summer we gather new interesting people around us, discover new styles and listen to a lot of new music. What is always the same though is that at the end we hold a stack of records in our hands that we are more than proud of to release. So the next round of this…

New MICHAEL YIANNI out now on Econore

eco_049: Michael Yianni (Cover_Artwork)

The new Michael Yianni album is out now on Econore. A study in music and sound that comes in three parts themed around algorithmic composition. Michael Yianni‘s music differs from a very dry, synthetical to an artificial-organic sound and is the result of a complex algorithmic composition approach. But even though the ten songs all…

New release in the making → Taster of eco_049.

Michael Yianni Flyer

That’s right, there is a new release in the making! Highly experimental algorithmic compositions by london-based artist Michael Yianni. Will be out on Thursday, 7th Nov. 2013. And here is a small taster: Actually, this release is just the first of a whole bunch of releases that come out the next weeks (you really can…