The next marathon stage: Cursed circuits

Well, well, well – we’ve come pretty far and everything seems save and sound…until recently when our release marathon hit the next stage.

Edna X started it all with her Gardenhell album. Every song is a piece of a bigger puzzle that is the album. But still: Isn’t it that the songs leave the impression that there is even more about them? Like as when you turn the pieces and look what’s on the other side, every one has a further secret, a further meaning on its own.

And now there is the 8-bit hell of  the Thousandfaced Moon single by The Unspeakable Void of Doom. Okay, it’s just five-minute cassette, thus even more collectible, but it holds a whole saga of terrifying adventure and legendary braveness. It’s just like back the days, when you couldn’t imagine that that epic battle in front of that even more epic castle right before your very eyes could fit into a cartridge just as tiny as all the Gameboy games were at that time. Well, that’s how dense that two-song thing is.

One cannot explain everything. Nothing is what it seems. And nothing is save and sound.

You cannot explain everything