Econore Mix #5

If you’re the kind of person who needs some orderliness, who embraces and enjoys the recurring patterns in life then this is a big deal for you: The fifth iteration of our label’s free of charge, promo show off aka Econore Compilation #5.

We pick some of our most beloved songs from the last 10 releases, add some previously unreleased salt to it and garnish it with a nice cover and – bam! – there you go.

This time on the menu:

  1. The Unspeakable Void of Doom – Untitled
  2. Weareallslaves – II
  3. Ayato & Anton Mobin – Elle & Moi
  4. Emped – Goldener Beton
  5. Pastor Tonal – Secondary Roads
  6. Edna X – H(e)aven
  7. Bear Bones, Lay Low – Live at Experimental Night
  8. Cottaging – Aqua Velva
  9. Buck Gooter – Consider the Grackles
  10. BLCKWVS – 0154 ND