Recently added: MOULDYARD and NUßBAUM/FARMER

To this time I’m writing – 5:52pm – it is almost pitch-dark outside; besides the fact it never gets really dark outside in Berlin.
Anyhow, that means we are approaching the time of the year when one lingers more at home and is in urgent need for some good new music to clean off your eardrums and get rid of that ‘summer hit’ dust – man, it vapoured away already, ok?

To start the season we almost burst with pride to announce two kickass new releases.

eco_066: Mouldyard

First is MOULDYARD, a project by friends that are all students at Braunschweig University of Art – the second largest College of Fine Arts in Germany.
The group recorded a drone piece in 2012 that we are happy to release. So happy we gave it a very distinct, handmade cardboard artwork. The musical piece slowly  builds up from tiny miniatures and airy sound waves to a dense atmospheric soundtrack. That’s cinema!
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eco_067: Nussbaum / Farmer – Hallo, Sonnenschein!

The other release is a collaboration between Brussels-based musician Chris Farmer (i.a. Flower of the Five Wounds) and Mönchengladbach-based author Philip Nußbaum. Both artists created an incredible art piece in the field of spoken-word and experimental music. The work of five movements were inspired by paintings by Heidrun Badgley.
The collaboration’s output was shown in an exhibition at Leerstand Eickener Straße 72, Mönchengladbach for Late Night Shopping in Eicken, 13th of June, 2014.
All – the lyrics, artfully arranged photos of the paintings and the music on CD – is composed to a 20 page full-color booklet that is limited to 25 copies only. Better be quick on this one!
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See you next month…for a carnival antidote.


And #ListenToNoise!