Every once in a blue moon…a new layout

Hey noise aficionados,
as you might see we have decided once again to use a new layout on our homepage. Actually this time it is not only a new design to cover the old shit, but we actually made tabula rasa and started from zero. That means everything you can see is more or less made from scratch PLUS all content is newly written, some photos were redone and every release got a new verbose description – do not fear: for those who just want the hard facts there is always a grey shaded box with just a very few words and a meta data table on every release page to inform you in a New York minute.

New possibilities

Where to find the play button

Play button, wohoo!

Download link in the player

Click where indicated to “download” or “buy” music

We also implemented more convenient pre-listening possibilities for a lot of releases so far. The plan is of course to have our whole back catalog online so you guys can stream every single tone ever released on Econore. But this takes a lot of time for different reasons and will be finished, well, when it’s done.
Though from now on, new releases will always be available online via Bandcamp and thus be available for pre-listening on our site too! So if the image of a cover artwork on a site features a play button, you can listen to the music directly on that page!
What if you want to buy/download that hot shit you are banging your head to? Hover over the cover artwork and click “Buy” or “Download” resprectively.

Sharing is caring

Less a question of design and layout but also new: Sharing a link has become even easier than before. Whenever you post a link in a social network to our site, we take care of a nice picture and even add a player if you share an album on Twitter.

Well, we hope you like the new layout as much as we do. This was quite a nerve-wrecking crappy job bit of work and we are glad that the most part is finished. Of course, there will be improvements and tweaks to the design here and there, and we plan to further  enhance the functionality, but still, the most is done and now we can concentrate again on what is really important for us: /Noise /Art /Experimental

Btw.: As always when a new site is launched with a new layout and techniques there might be bugs and glitches – so if you encounter something weird and you think that’s not intentional please feel free to contact us!
And if you really hate something about the new layout or love it so much that you think we should know please drop us a line!