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Into the darkness

Into the Darkness

Dark days call for dark tunes. This is what you need: eco_072: Yorihisa Taura – Nocturne Japanese composer Yorihisa Taura from Tokyo works in the field of avantgarde music. The member of Senzu Collective presents with his latest output Nocturne an album of five songs between tranquil melancholy, intense mysteriousness and even vibrant confidence. The work…

Recently added: MOULDYARD and NUßBAUM/FARMER

It's this season again

To this time I’m writing – 5:52pm – it is almost pitch-dark outside; besides the fact it never gets really dark outside in Berlin. Anyhow, that means we are approaching the time of the year when one lingers more at home and is in urgent need for some good new music to clean off your eardrums…

Hamburg Feature

Stylised coat of arms of Hamburg

The next batch of releases is in one way or another related to the german aurora borealis Hamburg. All of these are in connection with noise tourist Java Delle, a dear fellow of the Econore madmen and operator of TimTimTonTräger. The first one is the CD-R version of a rad tour tape featuring Hamburg residents Best…