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Econore Podcast #8 is out

New Podcast Episode. Econore Podcast #8 with Raune Zoul Mark Dicker Mega Rick Michael Yianni Best Friend Machine Chemiefaserwerk Helge Meyer Occult Bellevue Hatred Tasuketekun Weareallslaves Orifice Tagar Carsten Vollmer Zoul Heidi Hörsturz Rumpeln Killer   Listen / Subscribe

It’s this thing again: Econore Compilation #5

eco_061: Econore Compilation #5

If you’re the kind of person who needs some orderliness, who embraces and enjoys the recurring patterns in life then this is a big deal for you: The fifth iteration of our label’s free of charge, promo show off aka Econore Compilation #5. I reckon the concept is clear by now: We pick some of…

Happy Halloween – free song and spooky discount | #ListenToNoise

Relax on Halloween

Boooooh!! We have a special treat for you, but just on Halloween today! Get “Cruel and Bitter” by Houses in Texas for free! And once the harsh noise spirit took your soul and you feel like more then follow this link! This is the whole vitriol compilation for just one lousy, slimy Euro…just for Halloween….


Folks! Thanks for showing up at the TG Gondard / Bear Bones, Lay Low concert!! Both artist sure blew our minds and brought a fresh breeze for the winter season. We asure you that there will be more concerts and events and hope that it will be as rememberable as the last one. Maybe next…