The BIG Update (aka “That’s a lot of funny names, mom!”)


…errors on our website – sorry you had to use shitty Faceb*** or not so shitty Twitter. See how important it is to follow us? 😉 … huh … 😉 … 😉 …see how important? 😉

So one big update here, there is no other good and fast way we can do this right now without quiting our day jobs. Website, you glitchy bastard, you won.
You had to have the big update!
2016 erros means update a tad too late, but fuck it. Nuff grumpiness now. Cause there is already a lot of awesomeness to talk about this year.

But let’s start with what has happened so far:

Last time on Econore

We ended 2015 with the marvellous releases of  “Die Weiße” by Licht-ung with previously unreleased material, and “Mostfrau” by DASZWITSCHERNDERVÖGEL.

Also with an intimate invitation-only concert somewhere in Mönchengladbach with Terrine, Kalalunatic and Java Delle playing. For those not invited (as of writing, that is approximately 7,393,273,465 people and Bernd) our dear friend Pawel Klatt has recorded and edited and cut a beautiful concert video – if you have not seen it yet you really missed out: “A Friendly Noise Tour”.

Then Me Donner NUKEed that year with 20 minutes of amazing experimental Industrial. Bye bye ’15.

“thank you 2015 … Now BURN” [Rosa Menkman (source)]

So what about 2k16??

eco_082 Dream Machine (Digital Cover)That might come as a surprise, but cause due to some shit-iculties and tech problems we weren’t able to get the news out like the way we wanted to. So there are two releases that have been already put out that you might not have heard about yet: Psychedelic mind-fuck-noise by Dream Machine that takes you on a space ride to save the universe with blazing lasers – make sure to bring your phillies. And don’t get lost there! – no, seriously: don’t get lost.

eco_083 Raune McCartney Aufnahme 1 (Digital Cover)Cause what better way to start off the year with a debut? And what if that debut is also the start of a whole series to come? – Can’t get any better? Now imagine Raune (Noem) and Pogo McCartney (Messer, ex-Dramamine) do a collaboration project together recording an as fresh as noisy half hour of distorted bass, percussion and collage music, and Christoph „Tiger“ Bartelt of Kadavar adds the artwork. There you go: Aufnahme 1.

Also our concert series Experimental Night has its 8th iteration on the 12.01.2016, as always at Projekt42 in Mönchengladbach. This time with Massicot (Post-punk / No Wave from Genf) and Schneise (Experimental No-Input Electronics from Mönchengladbach), plus DJ sets by Pawel and Jeans Beast.


Econore Experimental Night #8 poster

And the 9th iteration… no wait, almost forgot — NOT…didn’t forgot, hehe:

Econore Noise Fest

Yep, that’s right. A whole day of blood-boiling noise and experimental music and art and what not.
There will be more info soon. First hint: 20th February, 2016 at MMIII Kunstverein Mönchengladbach.  Second hint: You got to be there.


Yep, that’s 2016 so far. There are a couple of other things we want to mention briefly:

Soon, a new issue of Econore Journal with short story Mr. Pedal and a let’s call it a visual interview with Klotzs by Philip Nußbaum. Read it – and not about it.

And there will be Carsten Vollmer. Fear it – and nod about it.

So best is to download all Econore releases now* and get 2016 going – I’m trying to get that wrecked website going now.


*You literally can get at least all of our digital releases now as one big offer on Bandcamp and save 50% of your hard earned money. In case your money was not hard earned, you can pay more if you want. And if you are on a budget then our latest label compilation which just came out is great and free!