The Glitch Life: Pseudo-dynamic Wallpaper for iOS / no jailbreak required

Here is somewhat of a treat for you iPhone-owning noise heads out there: A pseudo-dynamic or pseudo-animated iOS wallpaper for iPhone 4S and up. And no jailbreak required!
After years and years of research…ok…after some glitching around with our iPhones we are proud to introduce you to the pseudo-animated or pseudo-dynamic background wallpaper for every iPhone that is capable of the mighty parallax effect first found in Apple’s iOS7.

What is it and how does it work

Actually it looks pretty cool, like a matte metallic reflection that depends on how you hold the device. That’s the “dynamic” part of the wallpaper. Ultra-nice to look at! Plus the lock-screen sometimes acts as if the image was somehow animated even when lying flat on the table. That’s the “animated” part of this hacked wallpaper.

It’s so crazy, we’ve made a boring video for it to calm things down a bit:

We call it pseudo-animated or pseudo-dynamic wallpaper because it isn’t actually an animated or a real dynamic wallpaper like the ones preinstalled with iOS7.
Basically it is nothing more than a sheer jpg-file. The effect is the result of very fine patterns together with the retina display, the parallax effect, pixel stuff, pattern interference, non-intrusive non-invasive hardware hacks, rocket sience and a wee bit of glitch magic – maybe someone else can explain it better.
Anyway, we hope you enjoy your new bling bling dynamic background…err, pseudo-dynamic.
And since we haven’t seen anybody else doing this we hope to encourage some of you guys to explore more possibilities of this glitchy effect!


This is easy as pie. Here is how you install the pseudo-animated / pseudo-dynamic wallpaper on your iPhone 4s/5/5s/5c with iOS7 and above :

  1. Download and then save the images to your device.
  2. Set images as your home background or lockscreen background respectively.
  3. Make sure to have the iOS Parallax Effect turned ON!
  4. Bling! Bling!

This actually works with any device capable of the parallax effect introduced with iOS7, that means for example that your iPhone does not have to be jailbroken.


These are the actual jpeg-files you can use on your iPhone. Click the images for a bigger preview.

iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C

Pseudo-Dynamic Wallpaper iPhone5
Pseudo-Dynamic Wallpaper iPhone5

DOWNLOAD (Right click / Save): Home Screen | Lock Screen

iPhone 4S

Pseudo-Dynamic Wallpaper iPhone4s Pseudo-Dynamic Wallpaper iPhone4s

DOWNLOAD (Right click / Save): Home Screen | Lock Screen


Click here to download all pseudo-dynamic wallpapers (zip / 3,3 MB)
econore iphone wallpapers zip icon

For Free

This is free stuff. But if you really feel the urge to give us some money for this, check out our shop!

What else?

Of course we don’t offer any support for this. And we aren’t liable if you fuck up your device somehow.
Besides, we aren’t technical geniuses or something, but just a label for experimental music and art. SEE WHAT MUSIC AND ART IS CAPABLE TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!

UPDATE: Read more about it here –