TRÄUME – Soundtrack on tape for the Chinese science fiction literature magazine Kapsel

Kapsel, the magazine for Chinese science fiction literature, proudly presents “Träume”. This very special issue contains four positive visions of the future by the renowned Science fiction writers Baoshu, Anja Kümmel, Tim Holland and Anna Wu. Two exciting new musical artists have produced a soundtrack for two of the works. Berlin based psychedelic rock band Kadavar have created an accompanying piece that captures the epic depth of Baoshu’s virtual love story through time and space. Whilst Ella Zwietnig has translated the density of Anja Kümmel’s plot into ever changing ambient soundscapes. With narration by Berlin based actors Niklas Wetzel (Baoshu) and Pia-Micaela Barucki (Anja Kümmel). 

Kapsel magazine launched in 2017 in Berlin, Germany. Since then Kapsel have published three issues featuring the first translations of stories by acclaimed writers Chi Hui, Xia Jia and Jiang Bo. Between 2019 and 2020 they invited the magazines contributors to the Kapsel head office at the famous Kunsthaus Acud in Berlin, where the writers discussed the various topics of their stories with artists and scientists from Berlin & further afield. Kapsel have also hosted a panel discussions at the renowned Frankfurter Buchmesse and presented a live podcast at the Freiraum of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe as part of BookyMcBookface 2020 hosted by Textem Verlag. 

Cassette version available on Bandcamp (Limited to 200 copies!)